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Wedding & Editorial photographer in Greece – Irina Spiru

Hello, my dear friends!

My name is Irina Spiru. My main activity is a photography, which eventually turned out the meaning of my life from my hobby. When I am asked how I became a professional photographer, I immediately think of the emotions that I had when I took up the camera for the first time. Stopped moments which are gradually slipping into the past, they look at the pictures as bright and colorful as during shooting. Isn’t it a miracle? And I wanted to join this magic to become a man who stops the madly running time and gives people an opportunity to go back in it.

It’s been a while since I decided to become a professional photographer for the first time. And I didn’t waste my time. Firstly I started to visit masterclasses.  After that I continued my education at the University of the Arts London. Now I live and work in Greece. This country opened incredible opportunities for developing me as a multi skilled photographer.

Wedding photographer in Greece

In the wedding world Greece is known as a country having the most scenic locations for wedding photo shooting in “love story” style. Islands among fabulous sea landscapes, stylish authentic architecture of seaside towns and villages, friendly environment… Greece is like to be cut out for loving couples coming here to celebrate the most happy life event.

 As a professional photographer, I am well familiar with the most picturesque Greek places. I discover to newly wedded couples a fabulous world where their love is growing into something more great and touching. In my portfolio you can find amazing pictures taken of the birth of love relationship of many family couples. And I am sure that emotions captures in the shots of wedding photo shooting become more bright and multifaceted now.

Portraits photo shooting in Greece

One of my favorite ways at photography is portraits. Working at this technique I really enjoy as a professional and simple open-minded person.  For getting a real good picture a photographer and model should find a common language. And then results will exceed all expectations.

The ability of a photographer to build warm relationship with a model is a main requirement of top-level portrait photo shooting. Only alive emotions and relaxed poses can show the inner world of people taken in pictures. And for having a mutual efficient work I try to provide my camera vis-à-vis with the maximum comfort.

 Fashion photography in Greece

Fashion photo genre is rather the most creative field of modern photography. You can be successful only if you are aware of all trends and novelties of the fashion industry. Besides, a professional photographer who works in the fashion style must literally explode with new ideas working through all details and nuances of looks. One more important professional side of a fashion-photographer is the ability to highlight clothes, shoes and accessories from the right angles. So that to underline the designer’s vision and style spirit of the look.

I must admit that fashion shooting always makes to pull myself together and focus on the upcoming work. I am well aware of the importance of the objective. This is not just to give an audience a bright and glamorous picture. My main task is to visualize their dreams offering to associate themselves with the look in the photo. Achievement of this goal is to the top class of fashion photography. So I could claim that I make atmospheric shots meeting individual styles and tastes.

Model portfolio in Greece

A well prepared portfolio of a professional model is the ticket to the world of fashion industry. Whether they are new or experienced models, a book with a selection of various photos will be a good background for successful carrier advancement. Creation of a full portfolio is the task that could be fulfilled only by a professional photographer with a valuable professional experience and knowledge of all model business’s nuances. And since I was interested in this field from the very beginning of my business, now I can talk about myself as a professional photographer. The one who is able to create a really exclusive portfolio to discover all sides of a model regardless of her status.

Interior photo in Greece

Interior shooting like nothing else can tell us about the level of a photographer as a professional. The tasks of a photo artist in the process of interior shooting is to stress the individuality and atmosphere of the environment, transfer the nuances and beauty of finishing and interior design items, and to reveal the design ideas.

In Greece I’ve got a great opportunity to advance my skills at interior photos. The state-of-the-art villas and luxurious yachts… This is what any photographer dreams about. During interior photo shoot I have to solve a lot of technical and creative challenges. But results really justify an every effort. And at the end of shooting I can say from my heart – I love my job!

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