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Boho styled wedding photoshoot

This year 2018 we have prepared for our beautiful brides a few ideas about the Boho styled wedding! Boho style is an endless holiday!

What girl doesn’t dream of a perfect wedding thinking it through to the smallest details and trying on many different looks? This day should be remembered for long and leave only happy feelings which would appear on the bright photos of a wedding photoshoot again and again.

One of the most popular ideas to design a wedding ceremony today is a bohemian style- Boho Styled wedding photoshoot. It opens a scope for the most ambitious flight of fancy. A Boho styled wedding photo shoot looks especially spectacular and sophisticated. This is because of the appearance of ceremonies main characters who reminds of mid-century big bohemian party haunters. Bold and independent members of the creative professions carelessly wore mixed elements of different periods and cultures.

Freedom-loving hippie ideas, gipsy eclectic, authentic ethnic hints, romantic vintage motives… Eccentric mix of seemingly incompatible ingredients looks harmoniously and exquisitely. And, according to the shows of 2018 wedding photography trends, the boho style continues to lead in the ratings of the most popular formats to design a wedding ceremony today.

Boho wedding photoshoot in Athenian Riviera

A Boho Styled wedding photoshoot in Athens is the best present could be got by newlyweds, who decided to celebrate their happy day ever in one of the magnificent places of the world. Loving and newly married couples come here. And romantic ceremonies and spectacular thematic shootings are held. Huge number of scenic nature locations will make possible to create unique images delighting your eye in the future and reminding of the most emotionally colored moments of life. And if you plan to have a bohemian wedding photo shoot, you don’t need to look further than the coast of Attica.

There are good reasons why the famous Athenian Riviera deserves its honorary title. This resort is known for its mild climate, splendid sea landscapes and interesting attractions. A bohemian style wedding shoot in Athens necessarily includes shooting in the capital’s surroundings. This is the place where we can create a theme-related atmosphere.

How to find places suitable for the bohemian theme? What details need to be especially focused on in location design? All issues could be solved only by a qualified wedding photographer in Greece. And I, Irina Spiru, would be happy to be responsible for all that. Especially since, we’ve been lucky to work with a charming young couple, who decided to embody the idea of their wedding ceremony in the bright and extraordinary bohemian style.


So, what is meant by the so-called bohemian style? As already mentioned, its main peculiarities are freedom from prejudice and patterns. In the embellishment of a wedding ceremony very special design elements, colors and structure combinations can be used. The bride’s outfit is quite far from traditional gravity that includes a poufy dress and glamorous makeup. The most natural makeup and hairdo, air outfit with lace details, jewelry and accessories from the hippie arsenal… Romantic picture of a bride in Boho Styled wedding photoshoot is completed with a flower bouquet, as if it was randomly arranged from various plants. A ceremony decoration includes old-time vintage details, flowers, natural fabrics, streamers and ribbons. They can decorate arcs, trees and furniture. As for color range, the boho style suggests any natural color shades. Bright tints will arrange needed accents in the wedding decoration, and the abundance of flower compositions stress the celebration’s look.


The sea coast is a perfect place to get a Boho style wedding photoshoot. This is where the sea laps against the rocks and we can create a romantic mood imbued with free spirit that is an essential part of any bohemian party. If you wish to keep it as a souvenir, I, a wedding photographer, Irina Spiru and a professional creative team are pleased to help you reach the goals.

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Our creative team:

Florist and decoratorAlisa Sitaridi
Stylist – Lia Igam
MUAH- Eleni Papadopoulou
Wedding dresses – Νυφικά και Βραδινά φορέματα NOEL Collection
Video – Леся Пападопулу (Lesya Papadopoulou)
wedding vintage cake- Marina Tsakilidou

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