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Marriage proposal photo session in Athens

In any romantic couple this event is a peak of romantic relations and boundary followed by a new step of happy family life. How to make it beautifully? This is the question asked by a lot of men who decided to do this important and significant step. Common phrases like “Would you marry me?” or “Let’s live together” can hardly make a good impression upon your future soul mate. It will be worth it to make her to remember this touching moment about which she could proudly tell children and grandchildren. And for that a young man should try and turn his proposal into a colorful and impressive surprise.



Beginning preparation for one of the most romantic events in your life together you should concern about lots of details. But first of all you need to choose a place where you have to do an important step forward. I, Irina Spiru, invite you to Greece, a real paradise for loving couples that provides an atmosphere for beautiful and romantic walks. One of the reasons to choose this country is a plenty of amazing places for implementation of any ideas. Here you can live out your dream and make a proposal to your lady.

Classic of the genre. Declaration of love and proposal in an elegant restaurant. In Greece you can do it on an open terrace in one of the most fashionable restaurants or small cozy taverns of the seashore. Do you want to make a real surprise for your lady? Agree in advance with musicians who would play your favorite melody at the most responsible moment. A waiter will open a bottle of champagne and you will bend the knees to your lady. Declaration of love under the moon during a night beach walk can sound especially spectacular. But if you finish your speech with a proposal your lady will not resist and certainly give consent.

Book a table in one of the restaurants with outside service directly on the beach. Let the beautifully served little table be decorated by a smart bouquet for your companion, and present a ring during the romantic dinner.
Organize a trip to one of the most romantic places in Greece. It can be one of the solitary islands with picturesque lagoons or historical famous attractions in the country of Olympic Gods. To avoid a tourists flow, plan a travel not in a very hot season. Then you can to enjoy by each other and dot the it’s and cross the it’s in the most pleasant atmosphere.
Lately, flesh mobs have been becoming very popular among young couples. They will help you to make a proposal in the most original form. Your friends and acquaintances can also take part in this fascinating event. The main thing is to think of a witty story and play it according to the scenery.



Do you want to make your proposal really fabulous and unforgettable? Do it on a luxury yacht. You can book any class yacht in almost any Greek water area. At your service premium high class comfortable yachts and ultramodern fast sailing ships.
You can make a proposal during a sea walk or after a romantic dinner in one of the cabins of a docked boat.
During planning don’t forget to invite a professional photographer in Greece who will capture every moment of this important day. And after many years you will drop into the atmosphere of happiness and love reigning in your pictures.


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