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Wedding photographer in Athens
It was an absolute joy for me to capture the unforgettable and enchanting Athens wedding at Pyrgos Petreza, an iconic wedding venue in Athens, Greece, was an absolute joy to behold. The ceremony itself was a perfect illustration of the incredible traditions from both Lebanon and Iraq, with every moment etched in my memory. The outfits worn by the bride, groom, and family members were simply stunning, each adding to the palpable magic of the day. As for the decorations and cuisine, they were nothing short of exquisite, with each element perfectly crafted to create a truly unforgettable experience. The medieval-style castle in which the wedding took place offered a romantic and breathtaking setting that perfectly encapsulated the love and joy shared by Rasha and Julian. And the traditional drums that accompanied the party were simply mind-blowing! This wedding was so much more than the coming together of two people; it was a celebration of love and culture, one that was able to bring together people from far and wide to witness the beauty of this truly unique event.
Athens wedding in Pyrgos Petreza
Athens wedding in Pyrgos Petreza

Planning Decor  Maria Damanaki Events

Venue Pyrgos Petreza

Videography Nikos Dimou films

Catering Services @miltoskioukas_chef

Bar Services Tipsy Baroness

Sound & Light Galakteros Event

Cake @poulettecakedesign

Violin & Cello Soul n passion

Drums Black and white drums

Rentals Stylebox rentals

Prints Digi farm


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