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Alexandra and Julian, a radiant couple hailing from the beautiful land of Australia, recently celebrated their love in a stunning and truly enchanting wedding that can only be described as the stuff of dreams and fairy tales. With the picturesque Kinsterna Hotel in Monemvasia as their chosen venue, the stage was set for the most magical day of their lives. Truly, the Kinsterna Castle, which was a dream location that any bride would covet for her special day, provided the most idyllic surroundings where the couple could share their love publicly.

Every component of Alexandra and Julian’s wedding was simply breathtaking and unforgettable. From the awe-inspiring ceremony held at the Kinsterna Mansion at the heart of the Peloponnese, to the heartwarming celebration with their nearest and dearest, each moment was meticulously planned and seamlessly executed – a true testament to the couple’s love story and the commitment of all involved in bringing their big day to life. Undoubtedly, those in attendance were graced with memories that will last them a lifetime, and the occasion itself will no doubt be regarded as one of the most beautiful weddings of all time.
Kinsterna | Monemvasia wedding
Kinsterna | Monemvasia wedding

Wedding panner – @ioannavamvakari


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