Lauren & Leonidas happy wedding in Amorgos

Lauren & Leonidas happy wedding in Amorgos.

Amorgos island is one of the most atmospheric and attractive places in Greece. It is arranged on the East of the Cyclades islands.

The island is famous with the young nature of its mountains. It has wonderful attractions and a wealth of history.

In original atmosphere of this small island there is a peaceful mood.

And you can clearly feel the spirit of times.

Wonderful couple, Louren and Leonidas from Los Angeles come here to enjoy crystal clear air, amazing landscapes and traditional Greek hospitality.

Amazing rocky sceneries, cozy bays and clear beaches, unique antiquities… The wedding in Amorgos became a significant period of Louren and Leonidas’ life.

For me, a professional wedding photographer, it was interesting to watch these wonderful young people. They were so sincerely discovering new feelings and impressions.

The ceremony was decorated in a classic style. And it took place in a modest chapel of St.Anna Church on a rocky cliff.

The audience had stunning views of the sea from there. Happy newlyweds literally sparkled with emotions. They shared their mood with all the guests at the wedding.

After the official part the newlyweds went for a walk around Amorgos.

And during that I managed to shot a number of bright atmospheric pictures for their wedding book. A peculiarity of this amazing shoot is exuberant joyful mood.

I could pick up the shadows of tenderness and consuming love for each other.

The end of the wedding photo session in Amorgos was a banquette shooting where there were all closest

people and friends of the newlyweds.