Wedding in Halkidiki.

Wedding in Halkidiki.

The Halkidiki Peninsula is one of the most picturesque places of Northern Greece.  It resembles a shape of a Poseidon’s trident. Local people concern that as an evidence of divine origin of this land.  Steeped in the ancient myths and legends, blessed by the Saint Athos, Halkidiki is famous with its unique nature landscapes and wealthy culture.  People come here to enjoy wonderful beach holidays. You can spend unforgettable time in a serene atmosphere of this astonishing corner of the Mediterranean area. Romance of Halkidiki excites the interest of lovers. And they choose this place to spend the most important holiday in their life.  As for a wedding in Halkidiki, it is a real fairy tale. And its main characters will live happily ever after. All vows made here, have a special power that was blessed by Olympian gods.

Unforgettable wedding in Halkidiki

Jemma and David

Wedding in Halkidiki is not just a ceremony, following which a couple gets the official marital status.  This is a kind of magic and romance that make loving hearts race.  This is a harmony and happiness that stay with you forever.  Jemma and David had a chance to confirm this. They specially came here from England to celebrate one of the most essential events in their life.  I acquainted with these wonderful young people when they were in the search of a wedding photographer in Greece.  The beautiful couple was beaming love that was later shown in the pictures of a photosession.

As a place for a photosession, Jemma and David chose Kassandra, one of the trident’s “fingers”. This district is famous with wonderful beaches and well developed hotel infrastructure. And it played an important role for the newlyweds. They decided to invite  all their close and dearest people to the celebration.  The arrangement of the event was trusted to a professional wedding planner, “Willow weddings” Konstantina Saraidari .Results exceeded all the wildest dreams. The happy newlyweds and their guests got to a fairy tale. It took place directly on the Aegean sea cost.  Romantic mood was maintained by elegant flower compositions. They decorated the venue and wedding banquette terrace.

Wedding photo session in Halkidiki

An important step of any wedding is a photo session. This keeps in the memory the brightest moments of the celebration.  It’s highly important to choose a right photographer who does not just “click off” as many shots as he can. He must also be able to convey the mood of your event.  For that it’s needed to deepen into this atmosphere. This is exactly what I managed to do at the Jemma and David’s wedding.  This radiant couple generously shares love with the others. And give them scintillating energy. Our cooperation began with a pre-wedding photosession. We captured some moments of the morning preparations of the bride and groom, emotions of parents and close friends, wedding accessories and decorating items of the celebration.

In the process of the ceremony I managed to do a lot of bright pictures. They can convey the whole warmness and sincerity of the newlyweds’ feelings.  I’ll be honest, I wanted this day to last forever.  There were so many amazing moments. And it was hard to believe in the end of the day. But I’m sure it will forever stay in the hearts of everyone.  The photosession’s shots of the wedding in Halkidiki will best remind you of its wonderful moments. And I, being a professional photographer, Irina Dianova, made them with great pleasure. Because I truly enjoy my wonderful job and your unique emotions.


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