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Kinsterna | Monemvasia Wedding

Travelling through Greece, you can always discover something new for you. This amazing country makes to fall in love with it at first sight. The sunshine, warm azure sea, astonishing beaches and incredible atmosphere will make you feel vague power of the time. This is Greece. It will capture everyone’s heart. Romantic lovers and adventurous travelers can feel especially comfortable here.
Wedding ceremony, honeymoon or wedding anniversary… These events deserve to be held in one of the best places in the world. Especially since Greece is so much diverse and beautiful. You’ll certainly find a place to turn all your romantic ideas into reality. One of these places is Monemvasia – one of the most unusual and atmospheric places in Greece.

Monemvasia: travelling to the past

The name of this old town is translated from Greek as “single passage”. This is explained by its unique geographic location. The town was built on the cliff island. And the only way to go there was only by water. Due to that, Monemvasia residents were sure in their safety and invasion of enemies. Today the mainland is linked with the fortress through a bridge built in 1971.
At the times of the Byzantium Empire, Monemvasia was a kind of the commercial trade center. Now, it’s the popular tourist place of pilgrimage. People come here to dive into the historic atmosphere. Modest stony streets of the castle town preserve its authenticity. Old Byzantium buildings were renovated and turned into cozy cafes, hotels and souvenir shops.
On the Greek mainland, 1 km from the castle, the settlement Nea Monemvasia is located. It was built with a view to the needs of coming tourists. This is the place where you can find everything for rest and amusement in the local authentic style. A little further, 7 kilometres south-west from the Monemvasia cliff, there is one more village, Agios Stefanos. On its territory you can see an old Byzantium manor house called Kinsterna.


Kinsterna manor house for amazing romantic wedding

The Kinsterna hotel is very popular among newlyweds. They come here to have an incredibly beautiful and romantic wedding ceremony. The renovated villa preserved its majestic charm and atmosphere of past times. At the same time, all apartments and residences are newly convenient and comfortable. They perfectly accord with the main historic style of the hotel. Most of the Kinsterna rooms offer stunning panoramic views of the bright azure Aegean Sea.
Designers have also paid attention to the estate’s territory. The mansion’s stone walls are literally drowning in the lush greenery of olive and orange trees. Spacious terraces are always ready for guests. And there is a lot of them here, especially at the time of extensive wedding events.
A wedding in the Kinsterna hotel can be a dream come true for any couple. This is what happened to the two nice people, who came here to bind two souls together.


Dream wedding in the Kinsterna manor house

Love knows no borders. I realize this when I see happy eyes of loving couples. Their eyes shine at the photos of wedding photo sessions. It’s not important what language they speak. Love language needs no translation. Most recently, I got lucky to work at the wedding of a beautiful couple. They decided to celebrate one of the biggest days in life in the Kinsterna mansion house.
A beautiful bride from Australia couldn’t take her eyes off her groom. As if he was a real Romanian prince. The lover was holding her hand gently. It looked like he wished to turn this moment into eternity. Their love story was like a fairytale from the Thousand and one Nights. The fairytale which began in the Arab Emirates. And right here, in Greece, I’ve got to be a witness of the rest of the touching story. Actually, it was the beginning of their next step – a wedding ceremony.
The ceremony took place on the open Kinsterna terrace. And even extremely strong wind brought down neither newlyweds or guests. After some photo session shots everybody went to beautifully decorated ballrooms of the hotel. The celebration was going on with a banquet and funny, lively dance party.
And for me, for a professional wedding photographer, there was also something to do. The evening was still young. Many bright moments were yet to come. Those moments deserved to remain in unique pictures of the wedding photo session.


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