Alexandra & Iulian dream wedding in Kinsterna hotel

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Alexandra & Iulian dream wedding in Kinsterna hotel, Monemvasia.

Love knows no borders. I realize this when I see happy eyes of loving couples. Their eyes shine at the photos of wedding photo sessions.

It's not important what language they speak. Love language needs no translation.Most recently, I got lucky to work at the wedding of a beautiful couple Alexandra & Iulian.

They decided to celebrate one of the biggest days in life in the Kinsterna mansion house (hotel) in Monemvasia. A beautiful bride from Australia couldn't take her eyes off her groom. As if he was a real Romanian prince. The lover was holding her hand gently. It looked like he wished to turn this moment into eternity.

Their love story was like a fairytale from the Thousand and one Nights. The fairytale which began in the Arab Emirates. And right here, in Greece, I've got to be a witness of the rest of the touching story.

Actually, it was the beginning of their next step - a wedding ceremony, which was perfectly prepared by Ioanna Vamvakari Decoration and Events Planning. The ceremony took place on the open Kinsterna terrace. And even extremely strong wind brought down neither newlyweds or guests.

After some photo session shots everybody went to beautifully decorated ballrooms of the hotel. The celebration was going on with a banquet and funny, lively dance party. And for me, for a professional wedding photographer, there was also something to do). The evening was still young. Many bright moments were yet to come.

Those moments deserved to remain in unique pictures of the wedding photo session. Enjoy!