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Photo albums for wedding, engagement, honeymoon, baptism.

The joyful holidays slipped away, wedding march came to end and low-key wedding is finished. Each of us tries to keep these happy minutes in the corners of our memory.   Thematic photo session is the rightest way to do it.  A professional photographer will catch your mood and show it in the pictures. And after many years they will transfer you to those high points of the past.  What’s the best way to regularize photos, add more finished and structured appearance to them? The most popular and effective way to sum up the team-work of a photographer and client is to create a Photobook. It can be confined to any event.  Love story, wedding, baby expectation, birth and christening, anniversary, family celebration… Themed Photo albums will bring you back to those happy moments.




Photo Albums: wedding in Greece, Athens, islands of Greece; engagement in Greece; Baptism in Greece

Wedding photo albums in Greece 

Today a wedding photo session developed into the tradition kept by all just-married couples.  The best alternative way to keep wedding pictures is to make Photo album instead of traditional photo albums that were very popular until quite recently.  Such a peculiar way of formatting your photos will make possible not only to regularize all wedding pictures. It also enables to create a really unique thing relevant directly to your family.

How is a Photo album made? Once you got the results of your photo session you will have to spend some time choosing pictures that as you think show all emotions and feelings in the best way.  You can select photos both by yourself and together with the photographer.  I am always glad to help my clients to choose the brightest photos.

The number of arranged pictures on the sheets of your wedding book depends on its form and size.  Today Wedding Photo album are made in almost any form: beginning from tiny pocket to full album size.  Compact format books could be a great gift for your parents or close friends. Photo book in a larger format will decorate your family library.

Baptism Album 


Photo albums  manufacturing 

A Classical Photo album has a beautiful personally designed hard cover.  It contains more than 25 openings that allow 180 degrees.  Internal content of the Photo album will depend on a themed background designed on the pages.  For example, a Baby Baptism Photo albums will reflect the most touching moments of this important church sacrament.   And the impression will be deepened by appropriate Bible extracts or your own statements.  Such a unique Photo album can be given as a keepsake to godparents and friends present at the ceremony.


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