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El Viento Santorini wedding

Mysterious and romantic, incredibly picturesque and fantastically beautiful…  This is the island of Santorini… And it has the image of wonderful legends about the lost Atlantida.
When you arrive here, you’ll see impressing sea views and sophisticated seashore panoramas. And you’ll easily lose your mind. Local people call this place a visiting card of Greece. And this is for a good reason. The island is often seen on advert brochures. It’s undoubtedly a true pearl of the Aegean Sea.

The Island of Santorini is a real paradise for loving couples. Newlyweds from over the world come to exchange vows here. They also spend delicious hours of honeymoon.
The romantic atmosphere of Santorini leads love stories to fabulous continue. And then even trite long relations come alive. People come here to relax, enjoy stunning sunsets and admire the famous colorful beaches. You may also dive into the ancient history of the island. It is of volcanic origin.

The trip to Santorini always gives you bright impressions and enthusiastic emotions.  No matter how many times you came here, you’ll always find a new place to explore. And I, Irina Spiru, as a professional wedding photographer in Greece, can show you the island in a better way. I invite you to visit the most interesting locations.
For romantic loving couples wedding in Santorini is a fairytale.
The island takes an honored place in the top best places of wedding events.  In its picturesque landscapes, even the modest wedding looks like a fairytale performance. And the main characters of this will definitely live happily together and forever. The peculiarity of the island is a huge variety of natural views. Fresh white and blue coast colors are turning into the fantastic palette of colored volcanic beaches. The emerald green of olive groves are changing into the warm ochre ancient buildings. It’s no matter what place you choose. Your Santorini wedding photo session pictures will be like on a cover of a glossy magazine.

The island’s locations enable to arrange a wedding in any today-current concept. Minimalistic classics, charming rustics, frivolous boho, stylish retro… Santorini creates space to fulfill the most original ideas. Sure, the organization of your dream wedding requires some efforts. But results will exceed all your wildest expectations.

The island of Santorini envelops with the magic of love. It leads you into the fairytale.
An experienced wedding photographer in Santorini can give you such a chance. She or he is able to capture and prolong the happiest moments of your life.

To choose a wedding photographer

Choosing a wedding photographer is not an easy process at all. It could even be called – a private one. This person will accompany you throughout the whole ceremony. Your photographer will capture every bright emotion and beautiful movement of your love duet.
Thus, the more friendly relations a photographer and newlyweds have, the brighter and more alive shots will be. As well as happened to me and an amazing couple. They came to Santorini from UK.

A wedding photographer in Santorini catches the nuggets of happiness.
I met Zoey and Scott long before they coming to Santorini.  They are an incredibly gorgeous and stylish couple. Zoey and Scott decided to turn their wedding into an unforgettable holiday. That’s why it’s not surprising that they chose Santorini. This is the place where dreams come true. The young people were bright and straightforward. And decided every symbolic moment of their long-awaited holiday deserved to be in their wedding photo chronicle.
I had a chance to meet this beautiful and already family couple. Such a development let us to get incredible wedding photo session results. They hardly ever needed to pose. Open lovebirds were shining with happiness in every shot. And their joyful mood was contaminating others. Thus, all steps of a wedding photo session in Santorini were held in one breath. And Zoey and Scott will be pleasured by the results during their happy family life.

Wedding photographer in Santorini

One of the advantages of my wonderful profession is the ability to expand the circle of my friends around the globe. My clients are very special people. We easily get along with each of them. Otherwise, we wouldn’t achieve such amazing results.
Every wedding photo shoot from my portfolio is recalled as a wonderful event of incredible emotions. And I am grateful to my clients for the opportunity to enjoy this atmosphere. That inspires me to be creative and have a positive attitude to life. Be always loved and happy. Sincerely yours, Irina Spiru!


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