Greece wedding photographer: Irina Spiru

Choice of a Greece wedding photographer is one of the most responsible and important task in the preparation for a wedding ceremony. The professionalism of a person, whom you trust to carry out a photo shoot this significant day, has some special requirements. And of course, a wedding photographer in Greece must be on the same wavelength with you. Only then you can be assured of a completely acceptable result for you. I, Irina Spiru, am always open to new emotions, ideas and impressions. And my works are bright confirmations of that.
If you are still in search of an experienced photographer in Greece who could pick up on your mood, then I got news for you – you’ve come to the right place.

Photographer in Greece. Good reasons why you’d better come to me:

— Excellent special education. After visiting a number of professional workshops at Moscow schools I entered the University of the Arts London. It provided a lot of world’s famous photographers, real seasoned masters.
I have considerable experience in many different genres of photography. Wedding photo sessions, personal and modeling portfolio, fashion, portrait and advertisement shooting, family and children photos, interior photography – any of these services can be realized at the highest level to meet your needs.

Wedding photographer in Athens

— Being a wedding photographer in Greece and resident of this wonderful country, I am well familiar not only with the most popular routes of newly weds from all corners of the world. I also discovered a good many scenic nooks hidden from idle tourists.

Second photographer for your wedding in Athens

A wedding is a special event that needs to be captured in every detail! For this, couples usually invite a photographer. But have you ever thought about hiring two photographers at once? Working in tandem, they can capture even more details of your wedding day. There are a lot of advantages to booking two photographers for your wedding! In case the bride and groom gather in different places, then one photographer will take pictures of the bride and the other of the groom. When shooting a ceremony, one photographer focuses on the young, while the other tries to “catch” the guests’ emotions, smiles, tears of joy and much more. During a couples wedding photo shoot they can shoot from different angles or one of them can assist the other. When two photographers work at a wedding, you can be completely sure that no important moment will be missed. At a wedding with a large number of guests, two photographers have more opportunities to cover everyone! One photographer cannot be in two places at the same time and have time to cover every corner of the large banquet hall. Have you decided and want to order a second photographer for your wedding? It will be my pleasure to introduce my colleague wedding photographer in Greece to you.

Videography (Cinematography) service for your wedding in Athens

In the process of planning a celebration, the newlyweds are faced with the dilemma “Choose a photographer and videographer from one team?” Or choose their favorite masters of their craft, but from different teams?

Teamwork implies preliminary preparation of equipment, which is agreed between the photographer and the videographer. It depends on what quality and in what quantity the material will be.
In this work, it is important that the photographer and videographer know each other and work together. If the photographer and the videographer meet for the first time, they are not familiar with the technique and rules of each other’s work. And there is a high probability that a conflict of interest will arise. This situation can put at risk the quality of the footage of the entire filming day.

Teamwork allows you to take high-quality pictures and make a good film in a short time.
In the process of teamwork, the masters collaborate, because they work for the common good, namely, to create good memories for the newlyweds.


The joyful holidays slipped away, the wedding march came to an end and the low-key wedding was finished. Each of us tries to keep these happy minutes in the corners of our memory.   Thematic photo session is the right way to do it.  A professional photographer will catch your mood and show it in the pictures. And after many years they will transfer you to those high points of the past.  What’s the best way to regularize photos, add more finished and structured appearance to them? The most popular and effective way to sum up the team-work of a photographer and client is to create a Photobook- Wedding album. It can be confined to any event.  Love story, wedding, baby expectation, birth and christening, anniversary, family celebration… Themed Photo albums will bring you back to those happy moments. Please have a look at some of the beautiful albums I made for my clients.  Wedding albums in Greece

Multilingual photographer in Greece

— I speak fluently several languages including Greek, Russian and English.  A multilingual Greece photographer is a real catch for people worrying about their language barrier.

Your photographer in Greece

— Every photo shoot for me is a chance to catch escaping moments and show them from different angles to the world. As a result you get emotionally charged, expressive images that would stay with you forever.
You can always rely on me when choosing appropriate shooting places which would be exactly right for you. A professional photographer in Greece must be a real psychologist picking up on the clients’ mood.
I know well all kinds of wedding ceremonies and the process of white weddings and Christening. If necessary, I can act not only as an invited photographer in Greece, but also your advisor or confidant who you can always count on.

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