This is one of the areas that give me great pleasure. Such kind of photo is traditionally popular among advertisement and business related to the beauty-industry.  Because neither fashionable clothes catalogs or beauty magazines dispense with photo galleries presenting trendy news and latest products.

Lately, many successful brands have a tendency to carry out photo sessions not in static studio decorations, but in opened areas among magnificent nature landscapes.  For example, the world-famed company designer of women’s swimsuits and lingerie, Victoria’s Secret, prefers to present their products on the background of the Seychelles and Maldives fascinating sceneries. But fashion shooting on tropical islands could be unaffordable for the new designers,  who have just started rising to the pinnacle of success. And in the same time, implementation of brilliant advertising plans requires corresponding entourage.

Fashion shooting in Greece can become an excellent alternative way to expensive exotic photo sessions.   This country’s location is rich in colour and impressive sceneries and exclusive interiors.



Fashion photographer in Greece

As a matter of great experience, being a professional photographer, I can state that Greece is one of the best places for holding different kinds of photo sessions. The fascinating beauty of Santorini, magnificent beaches of Korfu and Milos, colourful views of Crete and Mykonos.   Every Greek island can become improvised playground for any idea of fashion shooting.  Amazing beaches with tidal bores, cozy olive gardens, exclusive villas and luxurious yachts… I will help you to choose a perfect location to bring your ideas to life.

By the way, this is where you can find the plenty of luxurious villas with gorgeous architecture and marvellous interiors.  No kitsch or striking newly rich abundance. Only elegant high-toned colour layouts, and for the implementation of them world-famed architects and designers were invited.

The Kassi villa on Corfu is one of them.  The villa was built by a famous English architect and arranged in the most picturesque areas of Corfu. The villa was built by a famous English architect and arranged in the most picturesque areas of Corfu. The atmosphere of each room is sustained in its own way, but in the general mood of the villa’s interiors you can feel the influence of the inimitable Venetian style. Several swimming pools with azure sea water, viewing platform and veranda with an eye to the amazing sceneries around… Fashion shooting results of such luxury decorations will exceed all the grandest expectations.


My fashion shooting for Lora Grig

Fashion photographer in Greece

And this is not the only way to hold an exclusive fashion shooting.  Every Greek villa can be rightfully concerned as a standard of luxury and high style.  Being a resident photographer in Greece, I am well acquainted with all outstanding locations for fashion shootings and I will show you the best areas going with your aims.


One of the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the world, the favourite one of a Greek millionaire, Aristotle Onassis, “Christina O” yacht, got its name in honour of the magnate’s daughter. The legendary ship with unusual fate had on its board famous politicians, aristocrats, cinema stars and millionaires.  Among the guests there was  Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra, Winston Churchill and John F. Kennedy.  Here the scandal love story of the well-known opera star, Maria Callas and the yacht’s owner Aristotle Onassis was set in.  The Greek magnate got married the widow of the American President, Jacqueline Kennedy, on the deck of this ship. One of the most glorious wedding ceremonies of the twentieth century of  the Prince of Monaco, Rainier and Hollywood cinema star, Grace Kelly was carried in the interiors of the  «Christina О».

Now the legendary gorgeous yacht is for rent.  And as shown by my personal experience, fashion shooting in Greece carried out on the board of “Christina O” leaves an indelible impression on those who are lucky to dive into the enchanting atmosphere of this “floating palace” that has turned into one of the most exciting modern myths.

Having rich experience in the fashion shooting area I offer my customers only the most interesting and beautiful locations of Greece.  Due to my professionalism you will own colourful, stylish and unique shots that are possible to get only in the surroundings of inimitable Greek landscapes and interiors.

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