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Church wedding ceremony in Greece is fully different kind of a ceremony among other marriage events. A culmination moment has deep sense! – This is the moment when a happily married couple makes a vow of faith to God. Since this day two loving hearts are joined together with holy matrimony not only on earth but also aloft. A wedding ceremony for me, as for professional wedding photographer in Athens, is a good case to open the veil of eternal magic of love to everybody. Staying in front of a chancel, a loving couple feels the great sense of a current event. These emotions which they are overwhelmed with will never happen again. Just think of it, the couple is becoming a seamless whole from here to eternity towards people and God, who blesses this match today.  

Wedding photographer in Athens, Greece

Autor: Wedding Photographer in Athens, Greece - Irina Spiru.

Church wedding was quite fashionable at some particular time. And it was an essential part of a marriage ceremony. However, today more and more wedded couples take this process very seriously and realize well the whole importance of that. That’s why they choose a place for holding event with full carefulness. Church wedding ceremony is preferred today by more young couples who wish to tie the knot according to all canonical tradition of the Orthodox Church. Sunny, warm country with old Orthodox traditions is famous with their temples filled with the rays of true belief. The wedding held in one of the old religious holy places will become a perfect birth of a happy family life blessed by Higher Forces. You will remember this special day forever. And future generations will admire your inspired smiles turning over the leaves of wedding albums with the shots of these festive moments.  

Wedding photographer in Athens, Greece



Autor: Photographer for wedding ceremony Athens, Greece - Irina Spiru.

Greece Orthodox temples are different with their special gorgeousness. Each of them has the atmosphere steeped in heavenly love. Planning your wedding in Greece, you can choose one of the churches in Athens, Santorini, Crete, Halkidiki or Corfu. A magnificent temple or a small church… You can choose a place for the most important ceremony in your life by yourself. Anyway, you will certainly have the plenty of emotionally colored impressions that you will keep through the whole life. There are several Greek temples which are especially popular among young couples: The Church of Saints Constantine and Helen, Temple of Saint Irina, Church of the Ascension on Santorini, Church of Panagia Faneromeni in Halkidiki. A beautiful ceremony is held in Greek language that adds special solemnity and charm to it. There is a Russian Holy Trinity and Saint Nikodim’s Church directly in the center of Athens. It is located on the foundation of an ancient school dedicated to Apollo.