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This long-awaited day is getting closer and closer and any couple is thinking about all steps of the upcoming event. One of them is a wedding photo session. It allows saving in the memory the brightest moments of this marvellous day. And you may start shooting directly before the event. The theme of a pre-wedding photo shooting is about getting ready of a bride and groom. The exciting moments are worth being captured on the pages of your family book. A photographer’s task is to show the touching atmosphere of all the moments. And any of them will be a wonderful memory for the whole life.

Pre-wedding photo session arrangement in Greece

Working as a wedding photographer in Greece, I often meet amazing couples. And they search for some interesting ideas for a beautiful and really memorable shooting. If you want to add gorgeous and original pictures in your family book, I offer a new kind of a wedding photo session. It captures preparations before the wedding, namely, the couple’s morning.

It is worth noting that a pre-wedding photo session requires trust-based relationships between a model and photographer. This is very important. Because shooting in such a style implies ease and abandon of the main characters in front of the camera. And only in this case you can expect to get sincere, atmospheric images. They will become a real pearl of your family photo album.

Being a professional wedding photographer, I try to do my best to bond with my future clients. Trust and comfort are necessary conditions for shooting with live and easy emotions. You can feel them looking at the photos. After many years they will warm you with love and sweet memories.

Some young couples ask a quite reasonable question: how much time does a pre-wedding photo session need? The answer is the following: it requires not less than one hour for each of you. So if we talk about shooting of wedding details, making good shots needs a thorough preparation. This includes a correct setting up of a composition, places and lights. Creative photos of accessories will become a proper addition in a traditional wedding album. The bride’s pictures may have some decorations. There can be an engagement ring from the groom, a wedding bouquet, shoes and veil. A man’s outfit details are watches, cuff links, tie, boutonnière, shoes.

Dressing episodes of a bride and groom and photos of completed looks create a special intrigue. Such pictures will take their place in the photo chronicles. And they will brightly show every significant moment of that day.

Spending a little time with bridesmaids, groomsmen and parents, you will have a chance to get wonderful pictures. After that you may share them with your closest people. Your quests will be certainly pleased to receive their portraits made by a professional wedding photographer.
To create a warm and sincere mood, I need in advance to meet people who are planning to take part in the photo session. Trustful relationships between a photographer and heroes of the event will give amazing results. You will make sure in those seeing results in the photos.

A bride’s morning: beauty in details

One more increasingly popular trend of a wedding photo is boudoir shooting. It is devoted to the bride’s preparations for the aisle. Soft and sensible shots of the boudoir shooting are not only about nude photos of a not dressed bride. This is a romantic and feminine look of her staying in the privacy of her own mind. These are all her inimitable emotions and feelings. This is a real magic showing up all sides of her beauty and nature. And now she is ready for new wonderful changes in her life.

How does boudoir shooting take place? Firstly, a bride should decide on a venue. And this may not necessarily be a room. Remarkably beautiful and romance photos showing the newlywed’s morning can be also made in the outside. Especially since in Greece it’s easy to find perfect venues for any ideas of a wedding photo session.

Decided on a place, you must think through the details of a look. What kind of a look will it be? Delicate and soft, temperamental and passionate, pure and touching or bright and bold? It’s up to the personality and nature of a bride. Based on this you can design a boudoir look and set accents in the makeup.

How long does the shooting last? The shooting of the bride’s morning preparation can take one-two hours. It depends on a concept of a shooting. A newlywed putting up a dress with the help of the bridesmaids is one of the most interesting moments at the boudoir shooting. However, it is usually impossible to quickly deal with complicated fasteners of a dress. That’s why it’s desirable to include the time to lacing a corset or complex buttoning in the day timing.

What is the best time for a boudoir shooting? Morning preparations can be planned both for a wedding day and other convenient time for the couple. The first option from the very beginning lets to create an especially festive mood among all participants. It’s important not to save on time. Allow a stylist and photographer to do their job at the highest level. And this is possible only in the calm and friendly atmosphere.

Devoting a special day for a boudoir shooting you can completely relax and get into character. You won’t worry about organisational details of the upcoming event. One more good side of the shooting in advance is an opportunity to make a fantastic gift for a groom on the wedding day. By that moment all photos will be prepared and designed into a special portfolio.

Our vendors: Venue: Κτήμα The Glam Planner of event: The Glam in the City
Photography : Wedding photographer in Greece – Irina Spiru
Wedding dresses: Νυφικά και Βραδινά φορέματα NOEL Collection Atelier Noel
Models: Athens Modeling Academy
Hair & Make up Styling: Agapi make up artist IG @agapimakeupartist
Make-up cosmetics: Radiant
Event Decoration : The Glam in the City
Bridal Jewellery: Silverunion
Bridal Lingerie: Atelier noel