Love story is the eternal theme which will never lose its edge. The moments of birth and blossom of the most amazing feeling that gives unspeakable happiness will be forever in your mind. Bright and emotionally colored minutes will be never faded out if to catch them in every small shot. Photo sessions in the Love story form are very popular among new wedded couples who begin to collect their family archive with these touching and tender images.
One of the best places in the world for such romantic Engagement Love story photo session when a sweet couple can entirely open their boundless world of intimate feelings to each other is rightly seen Greece. Painted sceneries of impressive Greece landscapes are perfect to express again your love looking at happily shining eyes opposite you. And I will help you to keep these precious moments at your Engagement Love story photo session in Greece.

Engagement Love story photo session in Santorini.

Love story in Santorini Island is a magical fairytale and every bride is dreaming of being a main character of that fairytale. And this fairytale can really come true if you spend a honeymoon at this wonderfully dreamy place keeping unique atmosphere of eternal holiday.
The main colours of Santorini are pure sky blue, vivid aquamarine of bosoms of the sea, emerald greenery of the coast, shining whiteness of buildings and colourful palette of the hot beaches. All this smart range of colours will become the best background for making stunning photos of your love chronicle.

Love story in the Gods’ country

It is believed that such an unbelievable feeling as love makes people closer to the godlike being. This is probably the reason why Olympian gods are so favourable to loving couples who come to Greece every year. Love stories taking a place at these wonderful landscapes in nature need special delicacy from the witnesses of such happiness. Your love story can be entrusted to a photographer who would become not just an observer, but also a principal director of an action called “Photo session in love story style”. And I, being a person who can see genuine beauty of sincere feelings and romantic emotions, will play the role of that photographer.
I will guide you through the most glorious places of the country which used to be the residence of powerful Olympian gods in olden times and who knew the ropes of a real passion. Your inimitable love story will get the implementation through unique shots which will be never repeated again. You will remember forever bright and sunny shooting days that will be like a beautiful curtain-raiser for your happy family life. And colourful photos will be able to remind of that wonderful birth and blossom of your feelings which are called Love.

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