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Bachelorette party photo session in Greece

The bachelorette party is rightfully one of the brightest and colourful wedding rituals which were kept by our ancestors. Modern young couples were happy to bring back this tradition.

Moreover, nowadays there is a plenty of variants about how to spend this wedding event, making it like a real emotional firework. The wedding bachelorette party in Greece will be a great choice for those who prefer this wonderful country as a place for having their wedding ceremony.

Wedding in Greece is the dream of many loving hearts for good reason. This is the place where the indescribable love and romantic atmosphere prevails. And the nature is kind to loving couples. It opens such beautiful places which successfully compete with the attractiveness of the most exotic places in the world. To have a freaking out in the bachelorette party, the bride must be in a good mood and bring her best friends with. Don’t forget about a photo session, which can keep in your memory the brightest and vivid moments of this funny event.
Being a professional photographer in Greece, Irina Spiru, I offer all happy young-married couples to have a pre-wedding party with friends. And do it in one of the most attractive countries in the world. Feel like real Greek Goddesses! Come to Greece and I will help you to bring to life the most creative and outstanding idea of the wedding party.

What is the best place for having a wedding bachelorette party in Greece? The choice of a location depends on tastes and ideas of the bride. It can be both one of the most astonishing beaches on some Greek island, an exclusive villa and a luxurious yacht. A terrace restaurant with the view of the sea can be a good place for the wedding party. A photo session in a picturesque olive-wood or among ancient memorials is also a great idea. This country abounds with such kinds of places. One of the most popular places for wedding ceremonies in Greece is Santorini. Deserving the title of the most beautiful island in the Greek archipelago, Santorini is famous for its fabulous sunsets and views of the sea. Wedding photo sessions on Santorini will give you a lot of incredible impressions and amazing pictures. Invite your friends here, and your party will turn into a bright foreword to the upcoming wedding ceremony.

 Athens is another great place for a funny wedding bachelorette party. The Greek capital, Athens, offers a lot of places where you can go together with your friends and celebrate your enter into family life. And a photo session in Athens, will be good in any of numerous unique places in this colourful city. For example, both on the terrace restaurants that have a wonderful view of Acropolis and historical streets of the Athens’ downtown.

Greece opens a plenty of opportunities to bring to life the most unusual and creative ideas for a bachelorette party. The most popular places for the bridesmaids’ photo session are beaches. The Greek seashore is different with the variety and unique beauty of the beaches. Moreover, everybody will certainly enjoy a beach party. Because here you can have fun and fool around like you want without the time and territorial bounds. The beach dress code is quite democratic. There is no need to put on luxurious wedding evening dresses or model high heels. All guests may wear swimsuits or traditional beach clothes. According to the unwritten rules, all bridesmaids should have the same outfit. And the lady of the honour must just stand out with a colour or style of her clothes.

Want to spend the bachelorette party in such a way to make it as memorable as possible?  Gather a pantheon of Greek Goddesses at Athens or Islands. What do you need for that? As for dresses, you need a traditional Greek white toga, strappy sandals and laureate wreaths. And some accessories: olive branches, flowers and gold jewellery on the hands, ankles and hair. Your friends will be delighted by this idea. Where else can you be a real celestial being and enjoy all privileges of the goddess life than in Greece?

The sea bachelorette party style in Greece

The sea bachelorette party style in Greece is increasingly popular. All the more so because there are plenty of places for sea style party. It can be both a beautiful beach with a charming view of the
sea and a luxurious yacht that could be rented. As for clothes for funny sea women, you can choose striped tunics or some flirty outfit. It can be a little blue skirt and white blouse with a large “sea”
collar. Add a funny pom pom beret or side cap and your sea look is completed. The role of the captain will be taken by the bride herself who will lead her friendly team to enjoy entertainments.


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