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Fashion portfolio photoshoot in Athens Greece

Do you like photographing? Almost any girl will say yes. Because a photo made in Greece can discover qualities that you even don’t think about. Modern devices’ abilities enable to have a photo shooting at any place regardless of location and time of day. Amateur photos are undoubtedly very nice and can keep the most interesting moments in your memory. However, professional portfolio will fully unleash your personality, highlighting all your perfections.

This term is familiar to almost everybody. And when most people talk about it the first thing comes to their minds is fashion-industry. But to make your own portfolio in Greece, it is not so necessary to have a model appearance or try to fulfill yourself in this area. Actually, portfolio is a collection of artistic photographs that can be made in any style.

Such collections may have a wide range of purposes. Someone desires to have professional photos from Greece in his family collection. They will keep their memories about a particular period of life. And someone may need to have vivid and impressive pictures for posting them in a social network or dating site. Portfolio is a necessary tool for a young model. Portfolio will help her to advance in careers. Well, whatever desires you have, it is unlikely to make a portfolio without a qualified photographer in Greece.


Deciding to get your own photo portfolio in Greece, your first task is to think what purpose it is going to have. And I, Irina Spiru, the photograph in Greece, will necessarily heed your wishes.

Fashion Portfolio shooting in Greece

Fashion portfolio. This kind of portfolio is most frequently an important part of a model book. However, this kind of a photo session can be made by anyone who wants to feel like a covergirl. Shooting can be held both in a studio and in the open air. Greece is especially rich with natural decorations. Almost every corner can become a place for fashion shooting in Greece.

Art Portfolio in Greece

Art. Art photography is a more common type of photo session. It is very popular among a wide audience. The possibilities of arty photography enable to try on any images and situations. This is the kind of photography which helps you to look inside yourself. Because the resulting pictures are unique and unforgettable. They aren’t just static photos of particular moments. They are real pieces of art where you are the main character. Believe me, if you think that you know everything about you, art photography can argue this out.

Art portrait in Greece

Do you want to try on a royal look or feel like a real ancient Greek goddess? Stylistic photo session in Greece will make your dreams true. Landscapes will become the best decoration for different styles shooting in Greece. Tell me your wishes and I will try my best to implement them.

Art portrait. The most complete image of a model reflecting not only her appearance, but personality as well. Art portrait awakes emotions and shows audience the depth of individuality of the portrayed person. Professional art portrait in Greece can be a real decoration of interior. And of course it will take rightful place in your family collection.

Erotic Portfolio in Greece

Erotic. The most intriguing and ambiguous kind of shooting. Nude photography in Greece with its romantic and exciting atmosphere can be held according to all the rules of the genre. Erotic portfolio in Greece will be a great gift as self-indulgence for you or unexpected present for the man of your dream. During the shooting you can feel like a temptation goddess provoking a whole range of strong feelings in your man. If your relations have lost the charm of novelty, erotic photos will be the best way to return them freshness and depth.

Test shooting for model in Greece

Test shooting for Model. If you work as a model, you won’t interest any employer without a qualitative professional test shooting. A complete book should contain a few kinds of photos including fashion and beauty styles. The main aim of the test shooting is to demonstrate your universality, present favorably strong qualities and reveal your model type.

Business portrait in Greece

Business portrait. This is one of the most important parts of any businessman’s image. It can be used in CV, social networks, corporate sites, for communication with partners and investors, promotion campaign and the press. A professional business portrait can play a role of an effective marketing tool that could be used in a wide range of areas.

How to get a professional fashion portfolio in Greece

It’s very easy. To get a portfolio just come to me, the photographer in Greece. And we will think about all nuances and thematic directions of forthcoming work. Get some rest and enough sleep before the appointed shooting day. We will have almost the whole day of fruitful work. If you have some new ideas, I would love to hear your thoughts. At the end of the working day you will get the best selected color corrections and twelve additional retouch photos. And don’t forget, the key to amazing photos is your exciting mood and happy spirit


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