The Greek island Santorini has long been preferred by young couples from all over the world. They come here to visit one of the most beautiful and romantic places on Earth.

Santorini is amazing location to declare love or get married, spend a honeymoon or celebrate a family anniversary. Santorini Love Story turns into one of the happiest pages in the history of many pairs. The picturesque island views don’t leave cold even the most notorious skeptics; creative persons find here unending sources of inspiration. The most beautiful places in Santorini are cozy small villages on the Aegean coast, the famous black beaches, wonderful lagoons and ancient attractions tell us about the legendary history of one of the most wonderful islands.
Olympian Gods were obviously kind creating this part of Ellada with a soft, comfortable climate for local people and tourists. Needless to say, if there’s a paradise somewhere, it’s probably Santorini – the place where your luxury romantic vacation dreams come true faster.

What to see in Santorini?


This is the question mainly asked by many tourists coming here for the first time. Not experienced travelers are impressed by the Southern colorful beauty and inexplicable charming atmosphere.  It is worthwhile to plan a route in advance, so you can have a traveling time full of emotions and impressions. Then you will see Santorini as a pearl-shell carefully storing its precious contents.
Well, I’m your guide and photographer, Irina Spiru, offer you have an excursion along the most interesting and scenic places of the island which is rightfully called as a pearl of the modern Greece.



A little town is set on the steep hillsides in the Northern part of Santorini. Its snow-white buildings in traditional Greek style beautifully brighten by the sun. Going along narrow wiggled roads you can go up to the peak of the rock to enjoy a magnificent view to the Palia Volcano. Oia town is famous with its incredibly beautiful sunsets as nowhere else. Photo shooting in Santorini made while the sun is slowly melting in the water of Aegean Sea looks like a really magical action. That’s the time when you will feel as the characters of delightful fairy tales.
Except the amazing beaches Oia town is known by its cultural attractions telling us more about the history of this fascinating place.


The role of the capital of Santorini is assumed by Thira, a small town located in the Western part of the island. Despite its fancy name Thira is an open and cozy village with a population of 1.600. By today’s standards this is not too much. But this is what makes the town so charming. Its snow-white buildings are standing on the edge of an almost 250-meter cliff. From this point you can see a wonderful view of the caldera. That’s why these places are popular among artists and photographers finding here beautiful and unusual angles for different style photo sessions.
What else can be said about Thira? This small town is still storing the remains of greatest civilizations; ancient sanctuaries, tombs, old architecture of buildings. Thira strikes with its historical heritage and peculiar beauty.



A small resort town Imerovigli is situated not far from the capital of Santorini. The quiet and cozy place is attractive for romantics and lovers from all over the world. Your wedding in Santorini will be one of the most memorable life events if you spend it here. The town is famous with the magnificent natural landscapes and incredibly beautiful sunsets. It seems that the slowly setting sun sinks directly into the volcano’s crater. And no one can remain indifferent to this stunning view.
Fabulous views from the snow-white terraces set above the ultramarine surfaces of the Aegean Sea are the perfect scenery for a thematic photo session, for example, of a fashion style shooting. Wonderful landscapes, ideal climate, huge choice of gorgeous locations – fashion shooting in Santorini is not worse than any photo session on some exotic islands. Besides, it will cost much cheaper and pictures will be not less vivid and colorful. This is where lots of famous and fashion companies order shootings and get wonderful results within several days.

Vlihada beach

One of the strange and unusual beaches Vlihada is situated not far from the town Perivolos in the Southern part of the island. This place is well-known due to its affecting Martian sceneries. This is the effect which is made by 2.5 kilometers coast rocky cliffs which have the shape of a specific half-moon. Rows of the volcanic origin black sand deepen an impression. Such a beauty was created without a human. The moon relief is formed by the powers of wind and sea.
The local landscapes can be a great background for fashion shooting. That kind of a photo shooting in Santorini among the stylish Martian sceneries will enable you to implement any creative idea.
Do you want your love story in Santorini to stir only bright and incomparable emotions after many years? Keep the memory of it in the pictures of a photo session held on the amazing beach Vlihada. Being a professional photographer, I can find the best angles and grounds to create unique photos. Amateurs of unusual ideas will love a photo session with horses, after which you will get original and real pictures.

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