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wedding in Santorini

Wedding in Greece: wedding trends

Wedding floral decor in Greece

What does every bride want? Yes. The most memorable, bright and stylish wedding. Any bride would go to the end of the earth to make the dreams come true. This dream is to find a place for having a real fairy tale wedding. I am a photographer, Irina Spiru, offer you not to look far, but just come to Greece. This country is an ideal place for having a wedding in any current style. The year 2017 is when the wedding fashion offers to have a ceremony outdoors and use the latest trends decorations.

Olive wedding

Where else is the best place for an olive wedding, if not in Greece; the country which is considered to be the birthplace of this noble wood. At the same time, the choice of a wedding venue shouldn’t be restricted by olive groves which are very famous in Greece. The ceremony can take place on one of the stunning beaches or traditional outdoor restaurant. When choosing decorations, pay attention to the olive-yellow colors. However, it doesn’t mean that all guests must be clothed in green. It’s enough to have some fresh greenery in decorations and olive shades in the guests’ outfits. Any florist in Greece would support this wedding idea. But we need only a high qualified person. I will help you find the best floral specialist. The florist will help not only design a wedding venue, but create an original and stylish bridal bouquet.

Blooming garden wedding

Blooming season is certainly the best time for having such a wedding. But the fall couldn’t also be ignored. It is as beautiful in Greece as a bride, whose dress must certainly have the tints of floral style. It can be an exquisite crown or several flowers pinned carelessly to the hair. The general theme could be highlighted by live flowers in tents and tables; and the arch which will be the center of the main wedding action. Flower design of wedding arches has become a real last seasons’ trend. And if you want your wedding to be decorated with a beautiful and stylish arch, contact me. I will help you find experts who will turn your wedding into a real fabulous blooming garden.

Vintage wedding

Those who don’t want to turn a wedding into a noisy and crowded banquet I offer to look at a vintage wedding. This style has become again popular today. The most preferred here are soft neutral tones, old wood and other romantic old fashioned elements. The bride’s outfit can be completed with retro style accessories. When creating such a design, the details have an important role (guest cards, wedding invitations etc.). For example, the wedding invitations in Greece should be performed in a vintage style, which must be referred in all printed wedding elements.

Weddings in the forest

Feel like a real woodland fairy – have a ceremony in a fabulous forest. The peculiarity of Greece is its unique natural locations, among which you will definitely find a cozy wood clearing. At the same time, the design entourage for such a wedding can also be immediately found right there. The trunks of the sawed down trees are the good decorating elements, and green wreaths will suit the bridesmaids. For instance, an original arch woven of green branches and designed with colorful flowers can be a zest of the ceremony.

Boho wedding

One of the hottest trends in the wedding industry is the boho style. Bohemian fashion ruins all standards and stereotypes. Impressive multiple layers of outfits, non-standard artistic decoration and bright bouquets; this style will be pleased by amateurs of uncommon ideas. Where can it be held? Almost everywhere. You can go to the black beaches of one of the islands or enjoy the sunset in one of the Santorini’s cozy outdoor restaurants. In any case, all guests of the boho wedding are guaranteed vivid and unforgettable memories.

Water color ceremony

When I was invited to a wedding performed in an unusual water color style, which became one of the trends of this year, I was deeply impressed by everything around me. Each detail was sustained in a gently iridescent water color. Bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, accessories on the tables, a beautiful arch; the decoration of the ceremony had just a tremendous effect. When creating this, designers were inspired by pictures of the famous impressionists. In addition, wedding cards in Greece are often ordered in water color version. This is what gave the idea of such interesting wedding designing details.

If you still do not know which of the wedding styles is better to choose, please contact me, and I will help you make the right decision.
Cooperating with the best wedding organizers and florists in Greece, I can recommend you real professionals who will be able to turn your dreams into reality. And your wedding will be a wonderful celebration, which will forever stay with you!