Baptism | Christening is one of the most meaningful and exciting events of any family. On this big day the little man gets the name and his protector spirit guide. Who will protect him during his entire life. The sacrament of Baptism is considered to be a more important ceremony after which a newborn baby gets the Grace of God. Today many families go to Greece to perform the Baptism ceremony. To the country that is rightly considered as a keeper of the old Orthodox traditions. The chosen professional Baptism | Christening photographer will reflect every moment of the ceremony in small details. Thanks to that you will remember about this event any time as if it happened just yesterday.

 Christian traditions in Athens Photographer for Baptism | Christening in Athens

The ceremony of Baptism in any of the Greek churches takes a place in the best time-honored Christian traditions. This incredibly beautiful and heart-piercing event like no other deserves to be captured in your family archives.  Baptism | Christening photographer made during event in the church have special fairness and expressiveness. Colorful pictures will always remind you of this important event in the life of your child which is the beginning of his spiritual life in true belief.

Baptism ceremony in Athens

During the years of my working experience I have got a special treatment at the Christening ceremony. Unlike the Russian orthodox Baptism that takes a place in a quiet, decent and restrained way, Greek ceremonies impress with their immensity. This day turns into a real celebration where a lot of guests are invited.  Christening is a very memorable event for parents and relatives of a newborn baby in Greece. It is common to celebrate Baptism in an especially luxurious way in Athens, the place with a huge number of beautiful Orthodox churches and cathedrals.   Photographer for Baptism in Greece invited to this celebration helps to capture every moment of this exciting life event.

Christening in Athens is a ceremonial. Its preparation process should begin long before the appointed time. In the pre-holiday fuss the relatives of the baby choose godparents, send out invitations and decide about the Christening venue. When choosing a place among the popular Athens churches.

When making a shooting in the church a lot of factors should be considered. They include the peculiarities of lights inside of the building, having knowledge about the details of holding a ceremony and many other nuances known only to qualified professional photographers.
Christening in Athens often turns into a real high society banquet and it is great honor to receive the invitation to that.  The ritual takes place in accordance with the Orthodox canons, which are rigorously adhered by all Greek priests.

Photographers mission at the Baptism ceremony in Greece

Christening ceremony professional photo shooting in Greece is one of my favorite directions of work. The deep and happy feelings overwhelming all guests in the church… All these things inspire me for future perfecting as a professional who could overcome any challenges. I can offer you not only a photo shooting in a friendly atmosphere within a church. But also a family photo session before and after the ceremony. If you want to keep forever every touching moment of this wonderful day in your memory, please, contact me  and then even after a time you will feel these strong emotions, not comparable with any other in their purity.

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Baptism photographer in Athens

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